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Facebook advertising for business

Facebook advertising for business

Facebook advertising for business

Facebook advertising is paying to place promotions and product offers in the news feed of a specific, targeted audience on Facebook.

And it’s ideal for driving traffic to your website to generate leads and sales enquiries.

It has emerged as a highly effective and powerful advertising tool for businesses. With over 2 billion monthly active users, and growing, Facebook advertising is one of the most popular online marketing tools today.

Facebook advertising makes it easy to target local customers if that is one of your goals, and it can help give small businesses a competitive advantage.

It’s also a great medium for targeting audiences through mobile phones, as Facebook provides a great mobile experience and many of its users access Facebook on their phones.

Facebook is clever at integrating its ads into the feed as seamlessly as possible.

Facebook advertising

Have you ever Googled a product or service and, soon after, seemingly by coincidence, seen a Facebook ad in your feed by a company who provides that very product or service?

You see this in your feed because the advertiser is targeting your demographic. This could include any combination of your age, gender, location, interests and more.

Facebook knows you match this demographic as it is constantly tracking where you go, how and what you interact with, what you’re interested in or curious about, and what you’re in the market to buy.

Facebook knows exactly what users are likely to be interested in your product or services. They get tonnes of data from their users who enter it voluntarily on their profile such as their age, location and interests.

Its ads are highly customisable so you can reach the exact people you want to target.

Facebook advertising

Getting started with Facebook advertising

When you first sign up to advertise on Facebook it will immediately prompt you to create a campaign.

All new ad campaigns require a fan or brand page to go with it, so go through the basic steps to create a fan page to tell your customers more about you and what you are offering first.

A campaign is the most abstract and broadest level of your advertising efforts. The only thing that is determined here is your target outcome. This can be things such as increasing likes, sending traffic to a website, converting prospects to buyers and getting app downloads.

Begin with Facebooks ads manager. This will will allow you to set up new campaigns, create new ads, manage how much you are spending, and create different audiences to target. It’ll even let you optimise the campaigns while they’re running, and track and test campaigns too.

The cost of Facebook advertising is very competitive when compared to other online marketing mediums. You can advertise on Facebook for as little as $5 a day. Once you know what you’re doing, it can be super profitable and satisfying to see the increase in traffic, and hopefully sales follow through.

Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising – sales basics

Most people go to Facebook to avoid looking for stuff. They don’t want to shop. They don’t necessarily want to buy anything. They’re just looking to kill a few minutes and catch up with friends or family. They’re trying to pass the time while sitting on the bus or at the doctor’s office all morning.

To counter this you may consider creating a Facebook sales funnel. That means a series of campaigns all with different objectives. Some get you attention and awareness; others do the nurturing. So that one or two can do all of the converting.

Step 1 – Awareness

First you need to get people’s attention. You do that through awesome content that makes them laugh or helps them solve some problem. Then you pull them back to your site.

Step 2 – Consideration

The first campaign built up awareness for who you are. Now you can capitalise on that by sending those people offers that will transform them from strangers into leads.

The point is to get some basic information from them for the least amount of money possible. Typically that’s with some kind of lead generator, like giveaways, a checklist, an eBook, or even a webinar.

Step 3 – Conversion

Once you’ve built up attention and started generating leads it’s your time to shine.

Send your target customers product offers that are too good to be true so they can’t wait to hand over their payment info.

Have a few campaigns running simultaneously to slowly, but surely, transform strangers into loyal customers.

It can be tricky knowing how to create these Facebook campaigns and how to build up the sales funnel.

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