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Internet marketing for newbies

Internet marketing for newbies

Internet marketing for newbies

The World Wide Web can be a big and scary place.

All too often people find the sheer quantity of information out there overwhelming.

All they want to do is cut to the crux of the detail and focus on simple things that will help
their business improve, but they have to swim through oceans of info to get there.

Ain’t nobody got time for reading the whole internet.

We wanted to call this blog post “internet marketing for dummies”, like the book, of
course, but we didn’t want to offend anyone upfront. We’ll save that for later. (Only
joking – there are no stupid questions here at

The world of internet marketing needn’t be too scary, and there are some key takeaways
we can gloss over right now to get you started in this whirlwind of information overload.

The online strategy

It pays to start somewhere, right? The strategy will set the scene for where you want to
go and where your attention should be focused.

It’s no good trying to be everything to everyone, so let’s put your best foot forward.

It pays to put some time into coming up with a bespoke, online strategy just for you, as
there’s no right way to do internet marketing, and what works for one business may not
work for the yours.

It always pays to focus on your strengths and what you love first and

The website

Often the first point of call for new visitors, your website needs to be brilliant, simple to
use and functional, because this is where most people go to solve their queries.

The content you provide must be engaging, relevant and exceptional. Or what else are
we here for?

Website on laptop

Getting traffic to your site

A great website is pretty much useless unless people are visiting it, finding your great
content, and then moving on happily with their lives.

How do you get more traffic to your site? Well, there are a number of ways to do that.

Creating great content that is optimised for search engines will be just the ticket to get
you started; then you might like to look at sponsored posts, building links back to your
website for good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), social media, forums, or paying for
advertising – to name but a few methods of building traffic!

Engaging with your peeps

Most often, engagement comes through social media channels, such as Facebook,
Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc.

Or you’ll want to respond to customers via emails, comments on your blog, or shout outs from any other means.

Always remember to share the love, keep them entertained, and keep the conversation

Group engaged with social media

Building your brand

It’s important when cultivating your online presence to consider conveying a consistent
message to aid in brand recognition.

Consider your logo and whether this is utilised in most forms of communication from you, what your profile pictures are on social media
channels, and the tone of voice you use in your posts and communications with your

Reaching out

“Touching me, touching you…” (sorry, we love a bit of Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline.)
That’s right. We’re talking about engagement – speaking to your audience of avid
followers and brand aficionados; keeping them front of mind, encouraging interaction
and achieving maximum exposure.

social media engagement

Monitoring how it is going

This covers checking in on how it all is tracking by using tools like Google Analytics,
seeing where your sales are coming from, following up on feedback from customers and
checking in with those that keep coming back for more.

Testing and improving

Mix it up, try different things, make tweaks and improvements to boost your results.

Learn fast, fail fast. Measure the effectiveness of what you are trying. Get more bang for
your back.

Keep it up

With your eye on the prize, the best results come from continuing to build and improve
on what you have. Don’t stop and never give up! The world has changed. Online
marketing is now the single most effective way of connecting with consumers.

But that doesn’t happen overnight. Put in the effort and ye shall be rewarded.

Please contact us if you’ve got a sudden urge and need to know more.

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