Social media is more than just posting cute cat videos on Facebook – although they are really fun.

Utilising social media is a powerful way for businesses to engage with audiences.

The sales process begins with identifying the needs of your community, offering solutions to these needs, and then converting prospects into sales. But an effective social media strategy will also help you gain and retain customers by building brand awareness that prioritises communication with your audience, over just pushing sales.

Your customers and prospects expect you to be on social media – so don’t disappoint them.

Here at we can provide one-off audits to show you how your social media pages are currently tracking and provide recommendations for improvement through effective listening, discovery and brainstorming.

We’ll get to know you and your business, so we can assess your current situation, look at what your competitors are doing online, and then identify what your customers really want.

We’ll determine which platforms will best suit your business goals of building engagement, trust, loyalty, and awareness of your brand!

From here we can identify areas for easy improvement with a full social media audit and action plan.

We can start by formulating a social media strategy to increase brand awareness, and set up your accounts for you. We’ll also provide simple tips to help you manage the accounts yourself if required. We’ll advise on day-to-day social media account management and engagement, guide you on best practice, how to build relationships, content delivery, paid advertising solutions and then generally coming up with some awesome outside-the-square ideas to create instant brand awareness – hoping for leads that will make you go viral!

Our highly-targeted social media marketing methods allow us to reach the right audience every single day.

Our knowledge and expertise extends to all of the most widely used social media channels.

Below is just a sample of all the social media opportunities we can tap into:

  • Facebook increase your brand exposure, enhance customer communication and humanise your brand with the most popular social media platform in the world
  • Twitter form one-on-one relationships with your followers, share quick updates and stay on top of late-breaking news with the micro-blogging site
  • YouTube build instant rapport, drive website traffic, increase search rankings and build instant credibility with the powerful video-sharing site
  • Instagram a photo-based mobile app, Instagram offers the opportunity to tell your brand story with beautiful imagery and powerful, hashtag-laden text
  • Snapchat send temporary, seconds-long images to other users to showcase your brand
  • Pinterest inspire your audience, showcase your products, increase referral traffic and fuel e-commerce sales with this visually-based social medium
  • LinkedIn the professional social media outlet to grow your network of other business professionals, maximize visibility and reach key decision makers
  • Blog fuel content marketing, establish authority, generate brand awareness and dramatically increase website traffic with the hub of all content marketing efforts – a blog!


Our social media strategy and management packages include everything you need to start and maintain a social media presence, including advice on:

  • Making regular posts to the key social media sites to highlight new products and promotions, increase your following
  • Content development, coordination, editing, and posting
  • Providing quick responses to customers
  • Boosting your search engine rankings
  • Account monitoring and engagement
  • Online community/audience building
  • Brand monitoring and social listening

This is where the fun begins; improve your social media efforts with photos filters, hashtags and stickers, engaging in banter with customers, hosting competitions, watching cat videos and picking up on new ways to help your audience.

Our affordable pricing will fit your budget and expectations. And by focusing on increasing your return on investment, you can be sure that everything we do will make a positive difference to your business. Through creative campaigns and rich contact, we think outside-the-box to generate momentum and tangible results.

Our knowledge and expertise extends to all of the most widely used social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

Please get in touch with us to find out how we can help you design strategies for managing your social media accounts, and measure and define social media success.