Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) makes it easier for potential customers to find your website. By optimising your website and using the right keywords, SEO improves the visibility of your website in a search engine’s natural results.

If your website is not visible across major search engines, you have essentially built an online flyer for your existing customers – expanding your reach is sure to boost business growth!

Google is the primary touch-point through which customers seeking information on products and services find and connect with businesses to solve their needs. For example, if your website on cat-themed pillowcases is not on the first page of Google search results for pet pillowcases, then SEO should be a key focus in your digital strategy.

We can provide you with impactful, well-written content that connects to your desired audience, and we’ll also make sure that it’s optimised for Google, boosting your search rankings and getting as many people on your website as possible.

Our approach to SEO with clients is a mixture of best practice, innovation, and precise implementation, and like mobile marketing, it’s built into everything we do. SEO is a continual investment as search results are dynamic and the smallest tweaks to a site, or an important link back to your site, can propel you up the rankings in days, weeks, or sometimes even months. SEO is a marathon, not a sprint – our ongoing optimisation, continual effort and good execution will help move you steadily up the search results pages, increasing your online reach.

On the line marketing can provide a one-off review of your website’s current SEO strengths and weaknesses, and formulate a report outlining recommendations to make your website more appealing to Google. To find the keywords that are relevant to you and your audience, we’ll take the time to understand what opportunities are available online for your business and what you would like to focus on. This will also help us create a road map and clear action points to increase your online presence.

We approach your website like it’s our own. We analyse where you’ve been, how you currently compare to your competitors, and how it can be improved. We won’t just suggest keyword stuffing articles; content is king, and good content that is written with SEO in mind is even better.

Another tool that can greatly improve your search ranking and relevant click is Google My Business, which allows you to feature in local search results. Contact us for assistance or read our blog article about How Google My Business Works.

We have a range of highly effective and affordable SEO packages designed to improve search engine rankings and organic traffic for small business websites.

If you’d like an expert appraisal of your website or assistance with developing your local, national or international strategy, then please do get in touch today.